A national service initiative, AmeriCorps is akin to the Peace Corps, and is for persons desiring to commit to at least one year of service nationally, rather than internationally. Since its inception 20 years ago, more than 800,000 AmeriCorps members have contributed more than one billion hours in service to their country while leveraging millions of community volunteers.

For 110 years, the YWCA Central Alabama has been responding to the needs of women and families by providing: affordable child care for low-income families; child care and after-school enrichment programs for homeless children; affordable housing for families and seniors; a full array of domestic violence services; and outreach programs for social justice issues. Partnering with AmeriCorps through Serve Alabama and the Corporation for National and Community Service, the YWCA and its 15 partner agencies have been able to further change the lives of people in need and reshape the fabric of our community.

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2013-2014 YWCA AmeriCorps members:

1.    AIDS Alabama JASPER House: Paulo Michelini
2.    AIDS Alabama Libcap: Dionna Lambert
3.    After School Enrichment Program: Kelsey Kimberly
4.    After School Enrichment Program: Haley Brown
5.    Birmingham/Blount DVS: Rose Prince
6.    YWCA Child Care: Kimberly Purkson
7.    YWCA Child Care: Christine Pappas
8.    YWCA Communications: Travis Swinford
9.    Conservation Alabama: Claire Guest
10.  YWoodlawn FRC Healthy Living: Molly Gross
11.  YWoodlawn FRC Education Specialist: Michelle Pickett
12.  YWCA Family Violence Center: Molly McConville
13.  Girls, Inc.: Emuni Sanderson
14.  YWCA Healthy Relationships: Jessica Altice
15.  YWCA Healthy Relationships: Katie Reed
16.  Heart Gallery of Alabama/Girls on the Run: Julia Venable
17.  Hope Manifest: Meg Newsome
18.  YWCA My Sister’s Closet Retail: Katie Shaffer
19.  YWCA My Sister’s Closet Volunteer: Tyeyona Jackson
20.  One Roof: John McGregor
21.  One Roof: Joshua Helms
22.  Our Place: Mary Ella Pearson
23.  Pathways: Ellie Frederick
24.  Railroad Park: Sally Sperling
25.  Safehouse: Lakaysha Green
26.  YWCA Social Justice: Rebecca Harkless
27.  YWCA Social Justice: Noah Schuettge
28.  REV Birmingham/Woodlawn United: Shawnda Jones
29.  The Women’s Fund: Kanika Manne
30.  Workshops: Xavier Nelson
31.  Workshops: Herbert Jackson
32.  YouthServe: Nichole Harris
33.  YouthServe: Quiyana Burt