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Gov. Kay Ivey issued a Supplemental State of Emergency Thursday, March 26, and ordered that Alabama's public, K-12 schools remain closed for the duration of this academic year due to COVID-19, the extended last date of school is Friday, June 5.

Based on this knowledge and ultimate desire to look out for the best interests of our potential applicants/delegates, families, staff, volunteers, partners, funders, and the overall integrity of the program, we will move forward in canceling Anytown Alabama 2020.

We could not, in good conscience, ask our staff and camp leaders to move forward with the camp during a time of so much uncertainty. We look forward to the future and are committed to maintain the same high-quality program that Anytown Alabama has delivered for years.

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue social distancing, hand washing, and keeping your hands away from your face. Unfortunately, this is a serious health crisis, so please stay well. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

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Anytown Alabama is a week-long residential summit for students who are currently in 9th – 11th grades to develop leadership skills and learn about social justice issues. Students make great friends, build their college resumes and have a ton of fun!

Scholarships:  Readily available. [No students turned away due to inability to pay.]

Anytown Alabama Social Justice Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in the Anytown Alabama Social Justice Leadership Certification and Internship Program. Internships typically take place during the first full week of June, with extensive training beginning at the end of May. Interns serve as staff for Anytown Alabama Teen Leadership Summit. Anytown Alabama interns must be at least 18-100 years old and must be at least one year past graduating high school by the time of camp; to apply for Anytown 2021, you must have graduated by or before May 2020.

Anytown Alabama Logistics Coordination Intern

The YWCA is currently accepting applications for a Logistics Coordination Intern with Anytown Alabama Teen Leadership Summit. Interns will hone their skills and gain experience as they help with the ins and outs logistically for Anytown Alabama. This position is a perfect opportunity for a logistically minded individual to gain on-the-job experience at a weeklong, residential, social justice-focused summit. Interns will spend their days assisting the Anytown Co-Directors in coordinating the summit and handling a variety of details from store runs, facilitating a workshop, and other duties as assigned. This position requires sound planning skills, diligent attention to detail, creativity, effective communication, and the ability to facilitate requests. If approved by your institution, we are happy to work with you to allow this opportunity to serve as course credit. Anytown Alabama Logistics Coordination interns must be 18-100 years old and must be at least one year past graduating high school by the time of camp; to apply for Anytown 2021, you must have graduated by or before May 2020.


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