Santa in the Summer

August 12, 2019

Our annual Santa's Workshop is a magical event that allows families in crisis to experience the holidays with joy like most of us do. Mothers come to "shop" for free gifts donated by people like you who share our passion for supporting those in need. Last year, we provided 2,685 toys to 522 area children, and we plan to surpass that goal this year by starting preparations early.  

Help us support families in need for the holidays by signing up during our Santa in the Summer event.

Click to SIGN UP! 

Here's what to expect if you sign up to host a drive:

• We will follow up with you in mid-October with a digital toolkit and timeline
• During the first week of November, we will deliver a toy box and posters for your upcoming drive
• Toys can be brought to the YW at any time, with a deadline of Friday, November 29

For more information, please contact Macie Dodson at 205.322.9922 ext. 304 or