The YWCA’s Housing Department is committed to providing excellent housing and supportive programming for women, children and families within Central Alabama in order to ensure equal and fair access to a variety of housing types to accommodate multiple needs, doing so in a manner that upholds the dignity of each person it is privileged to serve. The YWCA Central Alabama has a variety of temporary and permanent housing options for individuals and families. Visit any of the following links below to learn more:

shelter for victims of domestic violence

If you are fleeing a domestic violence situation, we suggest that you contact the YWCA's 24 hour Crisis Line immediately for assistance at (205) 322-4878 or 1-800-650-6522. 

The YWCA operates two shelters at confidential locations in Jefferson and St. Clair counties for women and children fleeing abusive homes. Counselors help these women make safety plans, obtain jobs or job training and work toward independence and self-sufficiency. These shelters serve Blount, Jefferson and St. Clair counties. To find out more, click here.

housing for families in crisis

If you are experiencing homelessness and are either a two-parent family with children, a single mother with at least one male child 10 years old or older, or if you are a single father with children of any age, you may be eligible for emergency housing through the YWCA’s Interfaith Hospitality House.  To find out more, click here. For immediate assistance, please call Interfaith Hospitality House at (205) 591-4302.

transitional housing

-transitional housing for single women

The YWCA’s transitional housing program was created for homeless women making the difficult transition from living in an emergency shelter to becoming economically self-sufficient. The program includes housing and supportive services that help individuals regain stability as they move toward permanent housing and independent living. 

-transitional housing for single women with children

The YWCA offers a transitional housing program for homeless women and their children in hopes of rebuilding self-sufficiency in a safe and nurturing environment. This program includes housing and supportive services that help families achieve stability as they move from emergency shelters toward permanent housing and independent living.

permanent housing

-permanent housing for single women

The YWCA offers one-bedroom affordable permanent housing for low-income single women pursuing a life of stability and independence.

-permanent housing for single men or women with or without children, and families

The YWCA's newest housing includes new and renovated apartments in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Birmingham. This urban neighborhood revitalization known as YWoodlawn is driven by the demand for safe, decent and affordable housing in the Woodlawn neighborhood. The YW is working in partnership with the community to create a healthy and sustainable environment for individuals and families. If you are single, a single parent with children or a two-parent family, you may be eligible for the YWCA’s income-based permanent housing in Woodlawn, which offers two-and three-bedroom apartments. To find out more, click here

-permanent housing for seniors and disabled individuals

The YWCA offers a continuum of residential programs for seniors and disabled
individuals. The YW currently operates two permanent housing facilities specifically tailored to the needs of this population in Birmingham’s Avondale neighborhood and Homewood, Alabama. 

-permanent housing for developmentally disabled individuals

If you or someone you care for is developmentally disabled, you may be interested in learning more about the YWCA’s Mainstream housing, which provides rental housing in St. Clair and Jefferson counties. For more information, you may contact the housing office by email here or by calling (205) 322-9922, ext. 178.

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