Peace Birmingham

Peace Birmingham is a monthly dialogue meeting for high school students within the greater Birmingham area that provides a safe, welcoming, and open environment in which students can have open dialogue about topics that are important to them.  Peace Birmingham covers a multitude of topics from the school-to-prison pipleine, youth activism, mental health, and various other topics important to our students.  

Peace Birmingham was founded in January 1996 by Lois Cohen, Mark Gaines, and Bobbie Siegal as a project of Temple Emanu-El. It was created to provide a place for African-American and Jewish teens to get to know one another and become allies during the 1960s Civil Rights struggle. In 1998, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute joined as a sponsoring partner. In the fall of 2007, Peace was opened to welcome young people of all races and religions who sought to build relationships and confront prejudice. In the spring of 2013, the YWCA brought Peace Birmingham into its social justice program portfolio with the commitment to carry on the program and build on Peace’s strong foundation.

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