Seeds of hope. Life begins with them. They provide comfort where there is pain, love where there is loneliness and a light where there is darkness. They are the bond that keeps families together. From them, come the seeds of hope for tomorrow. Women are the soul of our culture. But that culture is changing, and with it so are the lives of thousands.

Today, more women than ever are single mothers, trying to raise a family and work, without any support. They're responsible for the rent or the mortgage and other household bills. For many, it's no longer a question of being a stay-at-home mom, because they have no home. That makes it hard to be a source of comfort and love; and even harder to be the bond and the light for their families.

Their strength may be tested, but there is a place where they can find the hope they may have lost - a place of refuge and restoration that can nurture their spirit, give them support and help them and their families grow strong once again.

Since 1903, the YWCA has served as that place of refuge, responding to the needs of women and their families. Today, the YW offers more programs than ever before to continue to plant seeds of hope for a more caring community.