Staff Directory


Yolanda Sullivan
Adrian Westfall
Chief Financial Officer
322-9922, ext. 312
Genesis Player
Administrative Director
322-9922, ext. 353
Kathryn Kendrick
Mary Jane Gibson
Valerie Johnson
Special Projects Manager
322-9922, ext. 351
DeLois Sterling-Penn

Building Services

Annie Caudle

Child Development

Rikki Ross 

Development and Communications

Maggie McDonald
Scottie Vickery
Director of Communications
322-9922, ext. 307
Erica Sellers
Director of Special Events
322-9922, ext. 306
Liz Major
Domestic Violence Services
Jennifer Caraway
Amanda Carmichael
322-9922, ext. 331

Crisis Line Coordinator

Gental Hankins


Parrish Knorr
Director of Housing
322-9922, ext. 177

YW Housing Information Line
322.9922, ext. 178

Monica Shields

Housing Information

DeShunn Wilkerson

Social Justice

Joan Witherspoon-Norris
Director of Social Justice
322-9922, ext. 164
Angela Moore
Assistant Director of AmeriCorps
322-9922, ext. 206
Rebecca Harkless
Coordinator of Social Justice Programs
322-9922, ext. 184
Serra Craig
Social Justice Coordinator  



Angela Moore