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Dear Friends,

This coming year marks 117 years that the YWCA has been a friend to the Greater Birmingham community. In 1903, Maybelle Sloss founded the YW with the purpose of serving “women of small salary in adverse circumstances.” And while the YW has grown and changed a lot since its beginning, its heart has stayed the same. Generations have been affected by this rich 117-year legacy; here are just a few stories of how the YW and her Friends have worked toward its mission of empowering women and eliminating racism:

Most homeless shelters in our community accept either men, or women and children. Notice that I said “either/or.” That means that single fathers with children, couples with children, and mothers with boys over the age of 10 are most likely going to have to split up at the very time they need to be together the most.

That’s the reality that Lashayla and Michael were facing when their world began to crumble around them. The couple has a special needs child, a precious little boy who is the light of their lives. But his lengthy hospital stays and his health issues meant that the couple fell behind on their bills as they tried to focus on their child, like any parents would.

Their situation grew more desperate until the unthinkable became even more unimaginable, and they realized that in order to get the help they needed, they might have to split up. But then they found the YWCA’s Interfaith Hospitality House, one of a very few shelters in Alabama that serves intact families.  The YW saw a need and filled it however we could not have done it without our YWFRIENDS.

The year 2020 is just three years shy of YWCA Central Alabama’s 120th anniversary. Join us and be a part of our forward march toward continued progress and innovation. We ask our supporters to #Give2020. 

Regardless of what you give, every dollar, volunteer hour, or in-kind gift makes a difference in the lives of those in need. You are crucial to improving the lives of women and families who depend on the YW to be a friend in their time of need.   


Please consider donating online today.


Maggie Brooke

President, YWCA Board of Directors


Lucy Thompson Marsh

Vice President, Development

P.S. Did you know the YWCA Central Alabama provides hot meals and a nurturing environment to over 30 homeless children in our KIDS Korner child care center everyday? Please make your gift today.