Here’s what students and educators are saying after being a part of the Heritage Panel training:

“The most important thing I gained was the ability to tell my story and to use it to teach others about inclusion.” — Woodlawn Student

“Now, I am feeling less isolated because I realize that others are going through similar issues.” — Hueytown Student

“I really think the Heritage Panel will help Altamont become a more inclusive and all around better place.” — Altamont Student

“I was able to create closer bonds with other panelists and I gained increased awareness of how prejudices affect people.” — Hewitt-Trussville Student

“This training reminded me that that so many of our students suffer. I have forgotten what  it is like to be a teenager. It was very humbling.” — Leeds High School Faculty Sponsor

“From now on, I will try not to judge people before I get to know them and I will try to be more open to people.” — John Carroll Student 

“Today’s training was definitely a refresher in terms of defending students and creating a positive climate in my classroom. It’s easy sometimes to just ‘move on’ from something that may be hurtful and required attention.” — Homewood High School Faculty Sponsor 

“The most important thing I gained from this training was knowledge about real issues and problems concerning race and religion.” — Ramsay High School Student