Make A Change

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Make A Change 2016 

January 29, 2017, 2-6 p.m.

YWCA Central Alabama


Make A Change is a social justice program for high school students and educators. The one-day leadership training is focused on facing the issues that affect schools and communities. Register here.

For more information, contact Rebecca Harkless at or (205) 322-9922 ext. 184.


The 2015 program focused on race and racism. Throughout the day participants watched various TED Talks centered on race and engaged in meaningful conversations about race and racism. Students discovered how race influenced individuals’ experiences and gained the tools necessary to combat racism in their community. 

The 2014 program focused on privilege. Participants explored their own privilege through the viewing of documentary clips and participating in various interactive activities. Participant also engaged in dialogue about what their privilege means to them, how our unearned privilege affects our community, and how we can positively use our privilege. Throughout the day participants were empowered to use their privilege to create a more inclusive society.

The 2013 program focused on LGBTQ youth. Participants participated in an engaging visualization and were able to identify with what their LGBTQ peers have to go through living in a heteronormative world every day. Students then participated in a very insightful activity that took them through the process many LGBTQ people go through in the process of coming out. This was followed by a panel presentation where participants were able to hear personal stories of being LGBTQ. Through the visualization, group activity, panel dialogue, and some fun, participants left the day feeling empowered and with the tools to make their schools and communities more inclusive.

The 2012 program focused on immigration, particularly the impact that citizenship status has on a person’s day-to-day life. Participants took part in a simulation to familiarize them with how citizenship status affects daily life. Then a panel was presented where people spoke about their real-life experiences with the immigration system. Through games, dialogue and activities led by YWCA AmeriCorps members and Anybuddies, participants left the day more informed about immigration and how it affects those in their communities. 

Here’s what participants had to say about Make A Change:

“I enjoyed meeting others different from myself and learning with them about discrimination, generally and specifically. I didn’t know much about undocumented immigrants before. Now I’m more sympathetic to people who go through that.”

 “The most important thing I have experienced today was thinking from the perspective of LGBTQ youth and learning how to be an ally.”

“Make a Change was an AMAZING, AMAZING experience. I’m glad I could be here and I hope to attend Anytown this summer.”

 “This was a great experience and exactly what I needed at this time in my life. I can be the next, more aware generation. Thank you, so much.”