Maybelle Sloss Society

Some people have a natural gift for encouraging others. Recognizing the needs of women and children in adverse circumstances, Maybelle Sloss helped establish the YWCA Central Alabama in 1903 and became its first director. She worked fervently to build what would become a helping hand and a haven of hope for future generations. Almost a century later, the YWCA that she envisioned is still active, growing and continuing to provide for women and children in need.

Membership in the Maybelle Sloss Society is offered to those generous donors who make an estate gift through bequests in an estate will, establishment of a charitable trust or beneficiary designation of a life insurance policy or retirement plan. Life membership is permanent recognition of your belief in and contribution to the future.

Today, just as in years past, women and children in our community often face life altering and life threatening challenges. There are numerous ways the YWCA serves as a beacon for them.

Find out more about planned giving options and membership in the Maybelle Sloss Society. You may also call (205) 322-9922 ext. 347