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Her name is Joy

Stephanie's Story

Cathy's Story

Who are the victims of domestic abuse? It may be the person next door. Cathy's story is one of amazing courage and conviction as she battles her way out of an abusive relationship and into a healthy future.

Carol's Story

Carol found the courage to take her 8-month old son, Bishop, and leave her abusive boyfriend. She found her way to the YW and has been rebuilding her life since. She is now independent with a good job, and says that her life has never been better.

Li Mei's Story

Li Mei came to the YW when she was six months pregnant with her daughter, Spring. Fearful for herself and her unborn child, she left her physically abusive husband. Speaking almost no English, she sought refuge with distant relatives in Huntsville. They brought her to the YW and promised they would be back for her in one month. That was more than a decade ago in 1997.