Faith Chapel Christian Center Donates Coats for YW Women and Children

January 8, 2014

As record-breaking lows hit the Southeast, many less fortunate individuals must make crucial decisions about how to stay warm. Some may not be able to afford the appropriate attire during this frigid weather. We have all been caught in the cold without a coat on occasion, but this time of year can be very cold, even dangerous, if there is not a warm coat waiting for us at home. That’s why we are very thankful for Minister Debra Blaylock and the folks at Faith Chapel Christian Center for hosting a coat donation drive. Their congregation, along with donations from Belk, brought over 250 coats for the residents of Pathways of Birmingham and the YWCA.

“We were trying to think of something that our church as a whole could do… Our members were so excited about having this as a church initiative. People like to give and want to help, but sometimes they don’t know how. But it didn’t take much; we didn’t have to pull on them to donate coats. They had an awareness of the need,” said Blaylock.

The coats donated to the YWCA will be given to the women and children who live in our downtown building and children who are a part of our KIDS Korner, Calico Corner and After-School Enrichment Programs (ASEP). The children in these programs are from families that are experiencing homelessness or are working poor families. KIDS Korner and Calico Corner provide child care for children of ages 6 weeks to pre-K. These programs are licensed and nationally accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young People (NAEYC). Only 8 percent of child care centers nationally receive this prestigious certification. ASEP provides care for elementary and middle school students of families who live in area shelters.

For parents of these children, becoming financially stable again can put a strain on affording things like new clothes. And especially during the holiday season, the spirit of giving can financially put a greater demand on these parents. The YWCA and Faith Chapel Christian Center believe that this time of the year should be one of love and sharing for all. Not only do these women and children receive coats to keep them warm, they also receive temporary relief from their financial and situational woes.

We thank Faith Chapel Christian Center for their generous donation and their continued support of the YWCA. Thanks to them, our resident women and children will be able to keep warm while having one less worry on their mind during this season.

Each contribution makes a big difference. If you would like to learn how you can support the YWCA, please click here.