Brandon Falls Honored as YWCA's Man of Valor

January 29, 2016

Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls works tirelessly to advocate for victims of domestic violence because he knows it’s not like any other crime.

 “When you are a victim of a robbery, you don’t see the person who pointed a gun at you and took your purse every day after the crime happens,” he said earlier this year during a candlelight vigil held in remembrance of victims. “When you are a victim of domestic violence, you see them first thing when you wake up and the last thing before you go to bed.”

Falls was honored as YWCA Central Alabama’s Jeana P. Hosch Man of Valor during the recent 2015 Annual Meeting. Given annually, the valor award is presented to an individual whose contributions to the community have made an impact on those served by YWCA.

“District Attorney Falls really understands the dynamics that are involved with domestic violence, and he has a passion for assisting this particular vulnerable population,” said Jennifer Caraway, director of domestic violence services for the YW. “He is always willing to help and he’s always willing to support the cause and support domestic violence victims.”

Over the years, Falls has directed discretionary funds to the YWCA to help finance the court advocate program. Last year, the YW’s seven court advocates guided 4,484 victims through the complicated legal system, answering questions, attending hearings and holding hands when necessary.

In addition, Falls was instrumental in the formation of One Place Metro Alabama Family Justice Center, which makes getting help easier and much less intimidating for victims. Currently housed at the Jefferson County Criminal Justice Building, the center allows victims to meet with law enforcement, prosecutors and advocates all in one place.

 “His office led the charge to secure funding to start and now sustain this initiative,” Caraway said. “We are so grateful for his friendship, his compassion for victims and for his commitment to saving lives.”
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