Butterfly Creations Symbolize Journey from Victim to Survivor

October 20, 2017

As part of their healing process, domestic violence victims and children who have witnessed family violence recently participated in art therapy sessions at YWCA Central Alabama. They created beautiful butterflies to symbolize their transformation from victims to survivors.

Women who attend the YW’s weekly support groups made origami butterflies and wrote or drew a picture of a dream, want, need, wish or prayer before folding the paper into a butterfly shape. “The goal is to help them take an old hurt or pain and turn it into a new goal or sense of peace,” said Fanicy Sears, counselor at the YWCA.

In addition, participants in the Children in Crisis program, a support group for girls and boys ages 5-17 who have witnessed domestic violence, created beautiful mosaic butterflies using torn pieces of tissue paper for the wings. “This showed them that it’s possible to take something broken and make something beautiful with it,” Sears said. “Our children are resilient, and we want to celebrate the steps they’ve made toward healing.”

Last year, 232 adults and more than 100 children participated in domestic violence support groups at the YWCA. “We provide a safe place for them to learn from each other and share their hopes, dreams and fears,” Sears said. “It is wonderful to watch them grow stronger and more confident each week.”
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