Weekly Stories

Anytown Alabama Opens Hearts and Minds of Delegates

June 18, 2015

After spending a week at Anytown Alabama, a social justice leadership camp for high school students, the 70 delegates left with one common goal. They want to change the world.

“I am more aware of serious issues in the world and I feel motivated to help stop them,” one student said. “Everyone is important, regardless of their gender, their sexuality, their race, their level of ability and their religion.”

District Attorneys Learn More About YWCA Services

June 5, 2015

Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney Joe Hicks handles lots of domestic violence cases, and he wants to be able to tell victims exactly what to expect if they must seek emergency shelter in order to stay safe.

That’s why he and about 20 of his colleagues recently visited the Family Violence Center, one of the YWCA’s confidentially-located shelters for women and their children. “It’s nice to see this place and know there are so many folks doing such a good job to make it as comfortable and homey as possible,” he said.

Art Therapy Group Helps Participants Create Joy

May 15, 2015

The woman picked up the broken seashell and ran her finger across the ridges and jagged edges. When she turned the shell over to look at the other side, she was struck by how smooth and polished it was. “This side just looks perfect,” she said. “It reminds me of me on the outside. If you look at me, nobody would know about all my cracks or that I feel broken inside.”


YWCA Event Will Put the Focus on Domestic Violence

April 29, 2015

Four male Verizon Wireless employees recently rolled up the legs of their pants, slipped their feet into some red high heels and braced themselves for the comments. Their co-workers didn’t disappoint. “It will definitely get people talking,” one person said.

YWCA Central Alabama Salutes Faithful Volunteers

April 17, 2015

On Isabella Yaghmai’s 12th birthday, her friends brought baby dolls, trucks, puzzles and preschool books to her party. They weren’t typical gifts for a preteen girl, but they were exactly what Isabella wanted. She told her friends that, instead of bringing gifts for her, she wanted them to bring toys for the children staying with their moms in the YWCA Central Alabama’s domestic violence shelter.

Loud & Clear Event to Raise Awareness About Abuse on College Campuses

April 6, 2015

Incidents of domestic violence and sexual assault on college campuses have made headlines across the nation lately, and college students from five local schools will join forces to put an end to the abuse. Loud & Clear at the Tracks, which is scheduled for April 16, 2015 from 4-8 p.m. at Railroad Park, will unite students at Birmingham-Southern College, Miles College, Samford Univeristy, University of Montevallo and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

YWCA’s Social Justice Issue Garners National Attention

March 26, 2015

Joan Witherspoon-Norris, director of social justice for the YWCA Central Alabama, was among a group of bipartisan advocates who met with President Barack Obama Thursday about the issue of predatory lending.