Gen Z Has The Floor on March 26

February 19, 2021

Register for YWCA Family Resource Center's That's whY2K! Gen Z Has The Floor series. These FREE monthly virtual discussions are set to begin on Feb. 26-June 25, 2021, from 6-7:30 p.m. (CST) on Zoom. Registration is required.

YWCA Family Resource Center is hosting roundtables where a panel of selected student co-hosts engage in important conversations about topics such as colorism, generational differences, social media influence, and more from a Generation Z standpoint. This platform is being provided for the youth to express themselves and have constructive conversation regarding issues that affect them daily.
That's whY2K! Gen Z Has The Floor Series is a panel of Gen Z's brightest goal getters having conversations from their point of view.

In this second conversation (March 26) On One Accord, Gen Z's brightest will have an honest, thought provoking conversation about double standards, intersectionality, and uplifting women.


Nisaa Muhammad, Community Outreach Specialist - YWCA AmeriCorps Member

Guest Co-hosts:

• Destiny McCarter, Birmingham Ed Foundation - AmeriCorps Member

• Stanley Stoutamire, John Carroll Catholic High School - Student

This is a FREE pre-recorded event with a live "30-minute Q&A - AFTER SHOW" immediately following the discussion. To learn more, email or call 205-949-5550.

STAY TUNED for other upcoming dates in this monthly series through June 2021. MORE TOPICS to come!!


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