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Monthly Roundup: News Highlights from June

June 28, 2013

Each month, the blog will bring you a monthly roundup of the highlights in national and local news relevant to social justice topics. Our goal is to hit major news, but also include a few pieces that you may have missed.

YWCA Summer Enrichment Celebrates National Summer Learning Day

June 26, 2013

As part of our After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP), during the summer months the YWCA offers all day summer enrichment. The children participate in a variety of activities that keep them engaged in learning while they are having fun. In the mornings, the students participate in the daily five reading or math centers. In the afternoons there is art, creative writing, history or science to choose from. The program also schedules fun and educational field trips.

YWCA St. Clair Shelter Benefits from Dolores Hydock Performance

June 21, 2013

On June 2, 2013, actress and award winning story performer, Dolores Hydock, brought her special style of storytelling to St. Simon Peter Episcopal Church in Pell City to benefit the YWCA’s Our Place domestic violence shelter – the only confidentially located shelter serving victims in St. Clair and Blount counties that is certified by the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

Hydock entertained the audience with her funny, affectionate stories about mothers and fathers, family fireworks and the power of a parent’s love. 

Ending Childhood Hunger Means Empowering Moms’ Finances

June 20, 2013

Kimmie Farris is spending her summer as the AmeriCorps Administrator at the YWCA. She recently completed a master’s in English literature at The University of Alabama and is entering a doctorate program for English literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill this fall.

Anytown Alabama and Growth Beyond Camp

June 13, 2013

Hope Lloyd is a rising senior at Birmingham-Southern College (BSC). She was selected to participate in BSC's Hess Fellows Program - a program that pairs students with nonprofit organizations dedicated to advocacy.  Hope was an adviser at Anytown Alabama 2013 and is serving at the YWCA this summer.

YWCA Summer Enrichment Program Receives Donation From BB&T

June 13, 2013

Summer vacation is a highly anticipated time of rest, relaxation and recreation for area students each year. Many students travel on family vacations, while others go to camps, join sports leagues and everyone loves spending time in the sun at the local swimming pool. However, if you are a child who lives in an area shelter, like the children we serve in the YWCA’s Summer Enrichment Program, opportunities like these are few and far between. Because for these children, camps and sports are a luxury they cannot afford and most of them do not own a swimsuit of their own. 

Anytown Alabama and Privilege

June 7, 2013

On Wednesday, Anytown delegates learned about privilege and how it affects lives even when people are unaware of it. The Privilege Walk activity was introduced to delegates to illustrate privilege. To see the Privilege Walk activity in action, check out the video below. 

YWCA Holds Second Annual YWhisper Event

June 6, 2013

Homelessness, domestic violence and racism are uncomfortable subjects that are often avoided in society, especially in social situations. YWhisper is designed to encourage this “uncomfortable conversation.” The YWCA Central Alabama will hold its second annual YWhisper today – Thursday, June 6th at REV Birmingham’s SocialVenture event space located at 5529 1st Avenue South. 

Anytown Alabama and The Cycle of Socialization

June 4, 2013

The YWCA Central Alabama has two overarching pieces to its mission: eliminating racism and empowering women. When reflecting on eliminating racism in the digital age, we decided to blog about social justice issues in our community and the ways that our community is responding. This week, we’re kicking off our blog by focusing on a YWCA program.

YWCA Youth Receive Summer Camp Scholarships

May 31, 2013

Resolute Running is hosting a summer youth camp, and thanks to the thoughtfulness of staff members, two lucky girls from YWoodlawn have been provided with scholarships to attend two sessions each.

The camps, led by Joy Braun-Gonzalez and Ann Cade Thomas, will focus on teaching kids how to have fun being active, enjoy overall fitness, train to be a runner and much more! Children will range in age from 8 – 13 years old and sessions will be held in June and July.