Why Does She Stay?

Why She Stays


• of losing custody

• of what he will do to her


• that the violence is temporary

• that he will change

• that this goes with the territory

• that she can stop the violence

• that divorce is wrong


• cultural and religious

• guilt about failure of relationship

• feelings of personal incompetence


• of resources and social support


Effects of Domestic Violence

Effects on Women

• Stress Disorders

• Low self esteem

• Social isolation

• Constant fear/terror

• Helpless

• Hopeless

• Powerless

Effects on Children

• Self blame

• Low self esteem

• High risk for assaults

• Assumes violence to be the norm

• Isolation

• Bargaining behavior

• Sadness, depression

• High risk for substance abuse

• High risk for sexual activities

• Poor impulse control

• Fear/ terror

• Drop in school performance